Grace Counseling Center

Life is messy. We are made for close relationship, but often we find that we have been hurt and broken and are searching for more in relationships and life. If you’re considering coming to counseling, you’ve tasted of the messiness of life. Broken relationships, lost dreams, or past hurts consume more of your life than you would like. The things you have tried to control do not seem manageable anymore.


We believe that God often uses the messiness of life to bring us into redemptive relationships with Himself and others. At GRACE Counseling Center, we take your decision to seek counseling seriously. The decision to call a counselor can feel risky, full of expectations and needs. The counselors of GRACE Counseling Center will provide confidential conversations in a safe environment where trust can be built and sensitive issues can be dealt with.



Grace Counseling Center offers help to adults, 

adolescents and families who are struggling with:

• Marital and relational difficulties

• Depression, anxiety, and other emotional struggles

• Abuse and neglect

• Career issues

• Parenting struggles

• Divorce

• Group therapy is available for men’s and women’s issues

• Addiction


Contact Information


Shane Black, MA, ALC



Zach Thompson, MA, ALC



Katie Nelson

(251) 463-6398